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ERA Biz-O-Meter
Not Actual Reading
The ERA Biz-O-Meter

The answer to the question:

"How's Biz?"
How To Read The Meter?
  • +60  Crazy Busy
  • +30  Really Busy
  •   0  Normal
  • -30  Really Slow
  • -60  Dead Slow
How does it work?

When rebuilders get together, one of the first questions asked is, "How's business?" They want to know how their business is doing compared to other rebuilders. When business is slow, rebuilders wonder, "Is everyone slow, or is it just me?" Now you can know.

The ERA Biz-O-Meter shows at-a-glance the state of the rebuilding industry. While visiting the ERA Forums, rebuilders are asked to respond to one simple question - "How was your business last week?" The results are averaged and are instantly displayed on the Biz-O-Meter at the top of every ERA Forums page.

Participation is limited to only Rebuilder members, but all ERA members may view the Biz-O-Meter. Your responses are anonymous.

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